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Spicy Shrimps a la King

We are both big seafood lovers, and fans of spicy food, so this recipe is a big winner in our family! The trick to cooking shrimps is to cook them just right. Too much, and they become chewy, too little and they taste funny. If you carefully the steps outlined below, they should be perfect.

At any rate, let us in the comments below!

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1 - Ingrédients2 - Couper-ail-et-basilic3 - Faire-revenir-ail4 - Ajouter-les-crevettes5 - Crevettes-roses6 - Ajouter-ketchup-sauce-épicée-et-sel-et-poivre7 - Ajouter-basilic8 - Bien-mélanger9 - Couvrir10 - Final11 - À-table-tout-le-monde

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