A delicious crispy Russian Chicken on Salt - Easy recipe.

Chicken on Salt

Chicken on Salt Recipe

We know, we know, you’re probably a bit sceptical about this recipe, and will probably be even more so after actually reading it, but trust us, this is delicious. And chicken on salt is way more elegant than that chicken-on-a-beer-can recipe that was making waves a few years back.

All you need for this super easy recipe is a chicken (obviously), 1 kilo of salt and some paper towels. The large quantity of salt might turn you off a bit, but don’t fear, your chicken won’t become extra-salty. In fact, it will take just what it needs in terms of salt as it cooks, basically relaxing in a salty bath. You’ll see.

As far as we know, chicken on salt has been popular in Russia for decades. But recently its popularity was boosted by a popular Russian writer of ironic detective fiction, Darya Dontsova, who mentioned the recipe in one of her books.

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A delicious crispy Russian Chicken on Salt - Easy recipe.4-Mettre-le-poulet3-Mettre-du-sel2-Laver-et-secher1-Produits

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