Borsch Recipe

Borsch Recipe for a roughly 5 litters pot.

Borsch is a hearty soup from Russia and Ukraine, made of beets, beef, cabbage and potatoes. While there are more than one borsch recipe out there, this one is relatively easy if you’re not in a rush. Slow-cooking the Borsch is part of the secret. All those flavours need time to properly settle in. Try it, you’ll see…

While this borsch recipe includes beef, feel free to experiment with different meat. Veal or lamb would be great places to start! We especially love making it in autumn and winter, as it keeps us warm and gives us the energy required to face the cold, wet snow!

While this borsch recipe is indeed a meal of its own, it can also serve as a proper appetizer, leading to a main dish of, say, chicken on salt or even plov!

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1-Produits-borsh2-Première-étape-bouillon3-Se-débarasser-du-premier-bouillon4-Couper-les-patates5-Mettre-les-patates-dans-l'eau6-Couper-les-betteraves7-Couper-les-carottes8-Couper-les-choux9-Couper-les-oignons10-Patates-dans-le-bouillon11-Choux-dans-le-bouillon12-Bettereaves-à-poêle13-Vinaigre+pate-de-tomate14-Ajouter-vinaigre-pâte-de-tomate15-Betterave-dans-le-bouillon16-Oignons-et-carotte-en-poêle17-Ajouter-les-oignons-et-les-patates18-Couper-aneth19-Ajouter-des-épices20-Le-borsh-est-prêtBorsch is a hearty Russian / Ukrainian soup made with beets, potatoes, cabbage and beef. Easy Recipe.

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